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Totton Chiropractor Is Dedicated to You

Welcome to Active Chiropractic

At Active Chiropractic we promote a healthy and vibrant life. With our excellent chiropractic care we help you make lifestyle choices that will get you back on track, improve your health or maintain the health you have.

Totton chiropractor, Stephen McCarthy (Doctor of Chiropractic), is committed to providing pain relief and wellness care to help your body function as it was intended to and live a full balanced life.

Natural Healthcare for a Balanced Life

Chiropractic care offers natural health care options for a variety of conditions. Any joint or
musculoskeletal concern can be effectively addressed through our healing chiropractic care.

Our goal is to help you reach optimal health. To do this we believe it’s necessary to balance
your health and life through proper nutrition, regular exercise and movement,
stress management and a fully functioning nervous system.

Whole Body Health

The chiropractic techniques and services we offer are centered on caring for
your entire body. These gentle, precise adjustments are light and comfortable to
receive. All ages are able to benefit from our care. The full-body approach we use
ensures the alignment of your body and your lifestyle.

Wondering if we can help you live a fuller, more active life?
Give us a call today at 02381 290 042.

Stephen McCarthy, Doctor of Chiropractic
Totton Chiropractor serving Totton, Eling, Southampton,
Ashurst, Marchwood, Cadnam and Ower