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New Patient Reviews

Great Job!

Steve was exceptionally professional at his job. Caring and was able to find all the issues and correct them in a short time. I would recommend 100%. Great job, Steve. Many thanks!

Diane M.

Pain Had Gone

I was amazed at how my pain had gone after just one treatment!

Andrea C.

Excellent Care

I’d like to thank you for the excellent care given. I like your honest approach during my consultations and adjustments made. My back is in good order these days thanks to you.

Ian G.

Best Ever!

Very helpful and professional. The best I’ve ever seen in fact and fully recommended to all.

Samual L.

Great Doctor!

Steve is a fantastic chap who is an absolute professional at what he does. I would encourage anyone who has back pain to consult Steve first.

Scott M.

Always Treats My Symptoms in a Thorough Manner

Always treats my various pains/symptoms in an unrushed and thorough manner.

Rowena E.

No More Back Pain

I suffered with back pain for years, not any longer, after seeing Steve. Fantastic.

Sally N.

Excellent Service

Absolutely excellent service. Would recommend to anyone in pain? Book an appointment = you won’t be disappointed!

Marilyn R.

Excellent Results

Excellent results, very pleased and will continue ‘Adjustment’ sessions.

Brian L.

Fantastic Work

Fantastic work you are doing there guys. I really had a fantastic time with you Steve and learned a lot on the day! Bonus points for sorting my back.

Denisa R.

Great Doctor

Dr. McCarthy(Chiropractor) is great. I had a serious back problem and he helped me no end.

Paul W.

Friendly And Caring

Friendly and caring.

Helen H.

Back Problem Addressed

One of the very few things I experienced that actually addressed my back problem instead of just masking it with pain killers. Highly recommended.

Kerry D.

Warm Welcome Very Professional Service

I have received treatment for a number issues that have resulted in tackling the problems and return on a number of occasions to be checked to ensure my body posture is correct to alleviate future problems, I always receive a warm welcome very professional service.

Paul R.


I love the fact that not only do you help alleviate my back and neck pain but you make me understand how my whole body works and give me confidence I can work with you to heal myself, marvelous!

Ellie H.

Huge Difference

Wish I had heard about you sooner. This has made a huge difference to my life, helping me to cope better with my disability. I can’t be cured but treating the symptoms has helped with the pain.

Debbie M.

Helped So Much

I recommend you to everyone! You’ve helped me so much that I only need to come for follow up treatments when I need them.

Sandra W.

It Works

I was very skeptical when I first consulted your services. I was in pain and felt I had nothing to lose but “give it a try”. In truth I not only had my pain to lose but a new general sense of well being to gain. I know it works because it did and does and I wasn’t expecting it to, proving to me that it isn’t “all in the mind”. I now confidently recommend this treatment to everyone I feel it would benefit. Many thanks.

Margaret P.

Very Nice

Very nice couple. After numerous attempts from healing sources, I find that I have now reached that person that can help me, so fingers crossed.

Pam L.

Very Professional

Very professional friendly and knows what he is doing tries to find the cause not just treat the symptoms. Steve has help me to no end in getting pain free, will highly recommend him to anyone with back or any other body pain.

Heather F.

Vastly Improved

I didn’t realize the impact my back being properly aligned had on my every day movement, which has vastly improved since I have had regular appointments with Dr. McCarthy (Chiropractor).

Pat A.