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Fantastic Work

Fantastic work you are doing there guys. I really had a fantastic time with you Steve and learned a lot on the day! Bonus points for sorting my back.

Denisa R.

Great Doctor

Dr. McCarthy(Chiropractor) is great. I had a serious back problem and he helped me no end.

Paul W.

Back Problem Addressed

One of the very few things I experienced that actually addressed my back problem instead of just masking it with pain killers. Highly recommended.

Kerry D.

Warm Welcome Very Professional Service

I have received treatment for a number issues that have resulted in tackling the problems and return on a number of occasions to be checked to ensure my body posture is correct to alleviate future problems, I always receive a warm welcome very professional service.

Paul R.


I love the fact that not only do you help alleviate my back and neck pain but you make me understand how my whole body works and give me confidence I can work with you to heal myself, marvelous!

Ellie H.

Huge Difference

Wish I had heard about you sooner. This has made a huge difference to my life, helping me to cope better with my disability. I can’t be cured but treating the symptoms has helped with the pain.

Debbie M.

Helped So Much

I recommend you to everyone! You’ve helped me so much that I only need to come for follow up treatments when I need them.

Sandra W.

It Works

I was very skeptical when I first consulted your services. I was in pain and felt I had nothing to lose but “give it a try”. In truth I not only had my pain to lose but a new general sense of well being to gain. I know it works because it did and does and I wasn’t expecting it to, proving to me that it isn’t “all in the mind”. I now confidently recommend this treatment to everyone I feel it would benefit. Many thanks.

Margaret P.

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