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What to Expect

Welcome to Active Chiropractic!

Your visits to our clinic are focused on you. On your first visit, we’ll get to know you and understand what you’re seeking help with. After we discuss your health goals, we’ll work with you towards finding solutions that will address your concerns.

Below, you can find specific information on what will happen during each visit with us.

Your First Visit

Please allow about an hour of time for your first visit with us.

We’ll begin by asking you to fill out some basic paperwork. Next, we’ll take you into the treatment room to speak with Dr Stephen McCarthy (Chiropractor). You can expect him to do the following:

  • Talk with you about your health history and past problems
  • Get an overview of your current condition.
  • Ask you to change into a gown so we can see your spine, bones, and muscles.
  • Perform a thorough physical examination.

You’ll usually have your first chiropractic adjustment during this session. After we’ve finished and answered any questions you have, we’ll book a follow-up appointment for you.

Report of Findings

On your return visit, Dr Steve (Chiropractor) will go over his report of findings. We’ll show you exactly what your problem is, the cause of it, and how your lifestyle can support wellness. Your spine and nervous system are in control of your health, and we’ll chat about this as well as how many visits you’ll need initially.

We’ll also discuss nutrition and exercises with you that may benefit your healing process as you continue with treatment.

At this visit you will also receive another chiropractic adjustment, so plan on being with us for about a half-hour.

We want you to feel comfortable knowing you’ve put your health in capable hands. Call today to find out if we can help you. 02381 290 042

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